RIBA approved or UAE presentation available.

"A Specifiers Guide to Stretch Ceiling Systems."

We would be delighted to come to your office to provide our presentation along with a lunch or refreshments. The seminar lasts for approximately one hour and aims to give an understanding of what a Stretch Ceiling is, how and when to apply the technology and enables you to understand the benefits of using a Stretch Ceiling system. If you would like more information or would like to arrange a seminar please contact us.

Contents of the Presentation>

  • History – the product and our company
  • Components and how Stretch Ceilings are installed
  • Apertures for lighting, grilles etc
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • How shapes are created in a Stretch Ceiling
  • Applications – Stretch Ceilings, Pool Solutions
  • Applications – Stretch Ceilings, Lighting Effects
  • Applications – Perforated Material
  • Applications – The Sound Absorbing Solution (Acoustic)
  • Applications – Stretch Ceilings, Hygiene & Marine use
  • Applications – Conservation Projects
  • Environmental/energy implicationsCPD2
  • Approval certification
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Summary and Questions

‘A designers dream material – best CPD so far!’

DLK Architects

‘One of the best CPD seminars I have attended’

Rigsby Group

‘We have been holding these seminars every two weeks since January 2005 and all the attendees stated how interesting and possibly the best one so far’

Allcock & Grieves Architects Ltd