The Stretch Ceiling system is ideally suited to office and call centre environments. Appropriate acoustic and lighting conditions are a fundamental necessity for comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Stretch Ceilings boasts extraordinary acoustic qualities as it is a membrane and not a solid surface, therefore it is possible to cut reverberation times considerably, this can be further improved by insulation being placed behind the material.

There are many ways to light office environments. Up lighting, backlighting and ceiling mounted lights can all be incorporated within a Stretch Ceiling. The solid Matt finish will reflect 81% of light if up lighted, however a variation of white light can also be introduced into the void space via fluorescent tubes used behind the Translucent material which will transmit approximately 75% light.

Stretch Ceilings can be used throughout the office environment as a continuous monolithic ceiling to improve light reflection and acoustics as well as suspended feature panels. Stretch Ceilings are often used to enhance executive offices and boardrooms, covering the conventional tile systems to provide a higher level of finish. Reception areas can be transformed using the large range of colours and finishes for both walls and ceilings.

The system is fully accessible via either a removable harpooned edging which is welded continuously around the perimeter of each panel or with the use of removable frames or access hatches. The material is designed to be as maintenance free as possible, the fabric's smooth characteristics provides a hygienic surface whilst also benefiting from a non decorative requirement as the fabric will not crack or flake over time. The material is also water impermeable should cleaning be required.