The Stretch Fabric Material offers a fantastic opportunity to create clean and cool or loud and colourful lighting effects and features using our Translucent material for light diffusion, backlighting and front or rear projection. The material is only 0.2 mm thick, very lightweight (170gms/sq.m.) and offers approximately 75% light transmission. Any type of fittings can be accommodated within the material and any light fitting can be used behind the stretched fabric diffuser including fluorescent, cold cathode, LED’s, colour change, fibre optics, light cannons, spots etc to create unique lighting designs and features.

High performance Translucent material is fabricated in roll widths up to 2.17m wide, larger panels will have a small welded ultrasonic seam allowing panels to be made up to 50 sq.m in one piece.

The Stretched fabric diffuser can be fixed using demountable frames for frequent access or alternatively for lower maintenance lighting and lighting effects, the track can be permanently fixed to the perimeter structure allowing the material to be unclipped and re-fitted by our operatives or trained maintenance staff.

It is possible to paint, screen print, inkjet print or use vinyl graphics on the Stretched fabric diffuser for corporate logos, images and individual creations.

For more information regarding the translucent material please contact us.